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Welcome to The Latin Taste

Cooked today gone same day

The Latin Taste is new catering company which delivers your lunch to your workplace, specialising in Latin-American cuisine and flavours.

We are a family owned business which adores cooking and sharing our Latino taste.


We have set meals ranging from more known plates such as Pasta Bolognese to more exotic plates as Bandeja Paisa (Traditional dish from Colombia) running on a 2-week menu (5 dishes will run for week 1 then another 5 dishes for week 2).


We will stop by at your workplace once a day before lunch and offer you the dish of the day packed in our especial windowed boxes, soft drinks and other confectionary will also be available. Once everyone has what they wanted, we will leave minimising disruption.

Week 1


Week 2



Service coming soon!

Why not try our traditional Colombian dish?

On Monday menu week 2.
A delicious and generous dish typical from the Colombian Andes. every Monday of menu week 2.



what clients say

Great Tasty food!

delicious food in great portions. nice “latin taste”

Jhon Patiño 36

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